Social media network turns out to be a very effective tool for marketing purposes as well as brand building for either personal or business purposes. Especially for personal purposes, it is very important to keep in touch with people or friends that we have known. Instagram is now becoming one of the most famous social media networks as far as I concern. This is merely because it applies pictures in revealing messages. Instagram becomes the dream that comes true for all marketers because pictures and all kinds of images have a higher tendency in attracting higher attention. Through Instagram likes, Instagram account owners will get lots of benefits from growing their profile and gaining popularity.

The tendency is that people are using Instagram through Facebook because it will enhance one’s profile’s visibility. People can interact and share photos with several available contents. Instagram boasts an application which users can run their pictures through a filter that edits pictures for the sake of a much better look. Sharing pictures through Twitter account is also possible and this is beneficial because people can get more Instagram followers.

Instagram likes plays important roles in maximizing popularity in both personal or business purposes. Five main methods in using Instagram to add popularity is by:

  1. Using square photos as the advertising media or creating brochures in the process of viral marketing. The more likes that one has, the more popular that he will be. Periodic photo contests can also attract people to join and they can see easily become followers when they find that the photo contests are interesting
  2. Snapping pictures, which are relevant with the business’ niches and geo-tag, them by giving the location name. This can broaden pictures’ horizon so that there will be broader reach to higher number of people.
  3. Especially for business owners, they can encourage either their customers or employees for posting surprising or extraordinary images. Not only it can attract more Instagram likes and followers, but it also enhances the relationship of employers and employees so that all marketing plans will be accomplished.
  4. Apt titles are important for each image so that all images are SEO optimized. It is important to save space for comments from followers.
  5. Hashtags can be very effective for connecting various images with several tags so that people who want to search some keywords will be directed to the pictures. Make sure that all photographs are professionally taken so that followers or friends will find them attractive and give ‘likes’. When the pictures are a little bit blur or not well taken, they can be repaired through the available filter.

Another way to get more Instagram likes is by following to buy instagram followers be friends with those who become the followers or friends. This is because they are the one who can see one’s profile. Instagram will be best to link with Facebook or Twitter or several websites or blogs. This is because your friends on several social media websites can give likes easily.