Paper craft whether it is folded, cut, printed or pasted it is very easy to make. Homesthetics these days have just fallen in love with paper crafts. The reason for that it doesn’t require a significant amount of skill or investment for that matter.

However, it does require some time investment. It will take a lot of attempts to get the desired result that you want using handicrafts paper. Paper craft is a substitute for any decorative item bought from a store which has cost you a lot of money.

Here are some of the paper made crafts which you can easily make at home:

  • Decorative Paper Lamp: Cut the decorative pieces of paper in various designs and shapes and use colored papers to give different light effects. Buying from the market can cost you loads of money while it can be easily made at home by just investing time over it.
  • Decorative Clock: Place paper fabric over a frame. Poke a hole at the center and assemble a clock kit on to that frame. You can easily make a paper clock which matches your room’s furniture or color.
  • Paper Wall Hangings: You can add a special touch to an empty wall space. Buy a wooden word frame and decoupage a patterned paper by doing some paper handicrafts upon it and make your wall look extra beautiful.
  • Paper Topped Table: A sheet of paper if carved beautifully with some designs and shapes can make your table look extra elegant. Finish the top of the table with a custom sized cut glass so that the paper is protected.

  • Frames of Wallpaper: A beautiful picture of yours if placed in a good photo frame looks even better. A photo frame with patterned wall paper can easily be made as per your choice of colors by using color papers and designing them with a backdrop you want to give to your picture.
  • Decorative Jars: It’s time to make your glass jars attractive by sticking some colorful crafted papers with designs that make your normal jars look elegant.
  • Decorative Flower Vase: Handmade flowers can certainly look attractive and are easily available in the market as well. But instead of shedding money from the pocket just by shedding some time of yours, you can make your flower vase look equally attractive.
  • Decorative Glass Candleholders: Rather than buying candle holders from the market do it yourself by wrapping a decorative piece of paper on to glass. Wrap the glass from top to bottom using some self-designed papers and give your candle holder a look that other’s should envy of.

These are just some of the ideas of what you can do using a piece of paper. You can also make paper jewelry, wall hangings and much more. All you need is to give it time because apart from that it doesn’t demand anything. Cost effective and not much of skill required. All it needs is good imagination and execution.