It’s a phrase that good friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget. Friendship is one of the most beautiful relations in our life because unlike other blood ties, we choose these friends ourselves. They remain by our side in times of need and that is the most important role of a friend. Happiness draws many faces but when you are in trouble only your friends are found as your pillar. I just thought of sharing some of the famous personalities and their best friends from all fields that proves how strong and peaceful friendship is.

From international best-sellers:

When international best sellers are concerned, my mind gets drawn to the cute and sweet friendship between Harry, Ron, and Hermione, from Harry Potter series. They create some adventurous memories and lead all of us to believe in magic. It is always a refreshing feeling to watch their friendship defeating goons even after 16 years of the release of the new film. This film and book still brings a breath of fresh air among us. You would remember your old friends with these people and get friendship bands online as a token of love for them.

From international sellers

From Indian mythology:

Indian mythology is full of glorious characters to talk about. When friendship is our topic, remembering God Krishna and Arjuna would be obvious. Lord Krishna was always there to help Arjuna in every stage of his life. When Arjuna was feeling lost amidst the Kurukshetra war, as he was killing his blood relatives, Lord Krishna imparted eternal knowledge on truth of mind, soul, and body. This knowledge is contained in the religious book named “Srimad bhagwad gita”. This is a friendship that would always remain endless for obvious reasons.

From Indian mythology

From the political agenda:

Our very own Narendra Modi and his ally Amit Shah are best friends since 2002. They say that friendship is not such a friendly term in the world of politics. Without delving into the grammar of politics, one must remember that Amit Shah has always been involved in right and wrong times of NaMo. Their friendship is surely making the good choices for the sake of a better country.

From the entertainment industry:

In the field of entertainment, the friendship that gives us major relationship goals, is definitely the kinship between Karan Johar and Shahrukh Khan. They almost started their career together, saw struggles, and been with each other in all moments of agony and happiness. Shahrukh Khan belonged to a non-filmy background unlike Karan Johar. But again being from within the industry, becoming the topmost producer, everything was not a cheesecake. When they came together, history were created and Indian cinema got many milestones. May their friendship remain as strong as steel forever. Have a look at the friendship band in online shopping websites to shower your love on your best friend like these two.