The introduction of smart bands can be considered as the wearable technology movement, which helps the individual to keep track of his fitness and well-being whether he is at home or at his work place. The introduction of smart bands has also revolutionized the method of accessing customer information.

The smart band helps you to set goals and keeps track of your workout sessions to keep you fit and healthy. It tracks your activity level and provides you a detailed report of how many steps you have taken in a day, your heart rate and the amount of calories you have been burning by doing a certain activity.  You also have a special Heart rate monitor which monitors your heart rate every day or week and helps you to maintain and lead a healthy lifestyle.

The smart bands are sold by many leading brands in the Indian market. Some of the most popular smart band price in India  have been enlisted.

  1. Jawbone– It is a fitness tracker that is good looking, comfortable to wear and helps you to track your activity, whether it is eating, walk or sleep. It helps you to keep track of your activities accurately and serves as a motivational tool to get fit and lose weight as it reports the overall calories burnt on the day. The UP2 fitness trackers from Jawbone come with smart coach, which can give you personalized suggestions to achieve your fitness goals after analyzing your habits. The Jawbone UP2 price in India is around RS. 7,900- Rs.9,999.
  1. Fitbit-The Fitbit charge 2 wireless activity tracker helps you to measure the calories you burn in a day and helps you to maximize the benefits of your workouts. It tracks all day activities like steps taken, distance covered, calories burnt, floors climbed, and even moments of calm in the day. The Fitbit tracker price in India is around Rs.14,999 – Rs.12,748.
  1. Garmin- This fitness tracker tracks all types of activities you perform, such as running,biking, walking, swimming and walking throughout the day. With the help of the elevated wrist heart rate technology you can track your heart rate whether it is day or night. Gamin Fitness Band price in India is Rs.20,999.
  1. IFit– The iFit active band can be synced with mobile apps through wireless connections. The band is sweat resistant and it can log the calories and the time of work out. The iFit tracker price in India is Rs.7,636.
  1. Sony smart band– This is a minimalist band that tracks heart rate 5-6 times per day. It tracks walking, running and cycling, but does not track gym sessions, or sport activity, for which you need to enter data manually. Sony smart band price in India is Rs.7,999

The smart band can make your life safe and simple and serve as a motivation to fight conditions like obesity and help you walk your way to good health.