An essential item in kitchen that helps you in many ways is refrigerator. Refrigerator keeps your vegetables, fruits, dairy products, store leftovers, so no need to waste your food anymore. There are wide ranges of refrigerators available in market with different capabilities and capacities that suits every individual needs. You can find refrigerators from popular brands and according to your family needs and sizes. You can get standard single door, multi door, frost free, double door, and side by side door refrigerators.

Here is a list of 5 refrigerators from popular brands:

Samsung: Samsung has earned a renowned name in electronics market and this Korean company provides flexible and affordable refrigerator collection. Samsung refrigerator fits any customer needs, it can be a giant industrial size side by side door or it can be a basic mini fridge. There are wide ranges of refrigerators available in different designs and colors that include bottom freezer models, single and double door models, side by side doors etc. Select your model according to your food storage and other necessary features like ice dispensers, quick freeze options, egg containers, cold water etc.

LG: LG brings a perfect fridge for your life, your home and your style. You can choose from various types of innovative LG refrigerators that come in many different styles like: French door refrigerator, side by side refrigerators, bottom freezer refrigerators and door in door refrigerators. You can choose from many innovative features like linear compressor technology, optimum cooling, reliability and operating efficiency.


Whirlpool: Explore wide range of new Whirlpool refrigerators. You can choose from single door, multi door, double door and FDBM that brings a new wave of freshness into life. Experience the feeling of crunch in every bite, the spirits of taste and delights of aroma. No other refrigerator can bring you this experience. Along with basic features whirlpool refrigerator is packed with many innovative features like: Tallest Air tower, fresh flow flexi vents, Moisture retention technology, Microblock, Freshonizer, Deodorizer, dual air cool system and DC inverter compressor.

Godrej: Godrej is well known for its durable and affordable refrigerators. Price is an important criterion while purchasing a fridge; Godrej brings you different types of refrigerators that fit in your budget. At anytime if you are facing problem you can call the customers care number for help. Godrej check the service quality before the launch of any of its product.

Hitachi: Hitachi uses scientific designs and manufacture refrigerator that prevents the loss and other essential nutrients and vitamins in food items. There are many technological advantages that contribute to environmental sustainability. Hitachi refrigerators have highly efficient compressors and insulation system that makes it best among the world of refrigerators. While talking about the household appliances we know that a refrigerator consume more electrical energy which comes to nearly 20% of the electricity bill which gives headache to us. For this it is necessary to understand certain technical specifications. Above all consider the star rating also which will help you if you don’t understand the technical terms.