Living in urban areas often eliminates the opportunities for enjoying green spaces outdoors. Without a lawn surrounding the home, these residents have to take a trip to a park or out into the countryside to enjoy such luxuries.

Unfortunately, busy urban life often does not afford the luxury of taking the time to leave the sprawl of the city each time you feel the urge to spend some time in green spaces. Using innovative design tips allows you to enjoy a small green space on your own property. Here are some ideas to try in designing a garden where you can spend time at your own convenience.

Giving Your Area a Larger Feel

Using some basic design elements along with a few creative ideas you can ensure you transform the smallest of outdoor spaces into an awesome getaway. It takes some planning to ensure that you make a successful transformation of the small area into an oasis in the urban subdivision. Keep in mind that there are some landscape materials and plants that are a better option for where you live than others are.

Great planning ensures you add all the elements you want to the area without overcrowding. Your plan helps you to space the elements in the yard based on available space and ensures you distribute them properly to enhance your enjoyment. For success with this project, you must remain realistic and keep a balance in the area while incorporating the design elements.

Determine Your Focal Point

Unique elements of design add interest to any outdoor space but must be placed in key areas. Small birdbaths and fountains are just a couple of examples. When selecting these unique items, always ensure they are easily maintained. You can also help to keep your landscaping project within budget by choosing elements that require minimal labor for installation. Just adding a few rocks to strategic locations in the yard can create a simple focal point.

Choosing rocks that are associated with special memories or trips can make the focal point even more interesting. Rocks add interest and are usually very affordable. If your home is a suburban area, with a larger lot, you can spread the landscaping to increase the size of your park-like setting. If you live in a city neighborhood, where lots tend to be smaller, there are still a few possibilities. In the city setting, raised flower beds and container gardens offer a great way to add beauty in a small setting.

Harmony and Color

As you are designing your personal garden, choose elements that are complementary toward each other, creating a space where elements coexist in harmony. Color plays a big role in selecting complementary elements. Color can also transform a small space into one that seems much larger.

Blues and greens are frequently used in creating that larger looking space. For example, plant a blue spruce along with an Alberta pine provides a good what to enhance the space. As you research the elements of design, you can learn about other space enhancing color combinations you can use to personalize your own garden while creating a private green space for you, your family and guests to enjoy and reduce your stress levels.