Communication is the key to success in business. People can’t work in silos. Everyone needs to communicate with their peers or manager for some issue. Hence, communication is required in every business and in our normal daily lives.Internal communication is an effective way to handle problems at workplace. It helps in boosting collaborative effort, feed backs and reduce turnover of employees. As a result, you can assure yourself with increased productivity and profitability in a business.You can either design your own internal communication software or you can use the liberty of getting it created from a company who deals in creating such software. Below are some of the tools that can be used for internal communication:-

Internal Social Network – We all know the importance of social networking. That is the reason social networks like twitter, Facebook or Instagram are such successful tools to socialize. Similarly in a business environment, employees need something that can update them about company’s achievements, new announcements, searching employees globally etc. Internal social network helps in achieving all this and that too with minimal IT costs. Internal social network is a standardized network that is followed globally across other business sites.

Chat tools – You can’t imagine sending email for every small thing. You need to have some software that helps you chat real-time with your employees. It is very important for teams to keep working together. It can act as a very important tool when your supervisors need to communicate with team members about certain projects. Good thing about these chat tools is that, you can have group conversation as well as private (one to one) conversations. So, if there is something that you need to communicate to your team together, you can use group messaging and if you want to provide feedback, then you can use personal messaging. Works in all kinds of scenarios.

Internal Issue Tracking – For a business to function effectively, you require a proper workflow structure. For instance, if an employee has a salary issue, rather than writing emails, they can raise an internal HR issue ticket. In internal issue tracker, a ticket is assigned to a concerned department and has a turnaround time. If the issue is not resolved within time, it automatically gets escalated to the next level. This helps in employee satisfaction. Also, these tracker have reporting methods, they can easily tell you if any of the department is not working effectively in resolving issues.

Discussion forums – Very important tool, especially if you are planning to talk on an ongoing project and receiving ideas. These discussion forums really help in bringing all employees together from all the levels to discuss on any topic. This helps in bringing new ideas and collaborative work culture in a business environment.

Blogs and Videos – though this can be included in internal social network, yet it is an effective way to engage and retain employees. Creating training related videos, messages or writing blogs on topics related to business helps in increasing knowledge base of employees.These are some powerful tools for internal communication that helps in making business successful.