With the development of technology, the dependency on the Internet has been increasing. From commercial aspects, there is no doubt the connectivity of the internet is much required, but at the same time there are also individuals who get irritated with the slow speed. They need to check some files online, upload some data and download also, but all these tasks get disrupted due to the slow speed of the internet connection.If you are worrying how to deal with the performance of the slow internet, then one can follow the below-mentioned steps to increase the speed or understand the real issue.

1.Check the plan and speed first: Usually it happens that one may not be aware of the plan of the internet connectivity for which he has opted. In such a case the information about the plan and can help one know if he is getting the exact speed as expected or not. One needs to check the plan for which he has subscribed with the service provider and also check if he his getting the same speed or not. In the case of a deviation, one needs to ask the service provider. In case the speed as per the plan is fine, one may need to go for a plan with higher speed.

2.Check and troubleshoot hardware: In many cases, the poor speed or connectivity can be a result of hardware issues. One may need to restart the modem, reset the router and reboot the system which can also help to resolve the connectivity or speed issue. Scan the system and check for any virus or unwanted software that may be reducing the speed.

3.The signal strength of Wi-Fi: If one is working on the Wi-Fi slower speed may be because of poor signal strength from the Wi-Fi device. One can try to have the router with better signal strength and change the position of the same so that one can have required signal strength that can offer higher speed. The placing of the router at a different place can also be helpful to have better speed.

4.Remove the plug-in and hogging apps: One may have numerous software and apps which may be affecting the internet speed. The best option in such a case is the removal of such apps and plug-in so the speed can be increased

5.Change the DNS server: DNS Server has a huge role when it comes to speed of the internet. In the case of low-speed one needs to check with the DNS server and if required change the same to another DNS server with the help of the internet service provider.

6.Ask the service provider: In case, despite all these actions one does not get the speed, then it is better to ask the service provider after performing a speed test. The service providers have technical experts who can guide one to have all the troubleshoot which can be much helpful to increase the speed. He can also offer some tips and techniques that can help one to get higher speed.