Parties and celebrations are a fun time. It’s a great way to celebrate the occasion as well as have thebest time with friends and family. Also, if it is a Birthday or Anniversary party, you can make the person feel really special. Themes are a happening way to make your party lively and fun. They add charm to any usual party with all those innovative costumes, decor and food.

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Here are few amazing themes to make your party wonderful:

  • Hollywood

Hollywood is a fun theme that would be loved by all. You can have a splendid decor with the help of plush lamps, pretty lanterns, flowers and artefacts. Don’t forget to keep an ethereal ambience with the help of soothing lights. Keep a sophisticated arrangement from food to wine. Arrange for a sumptuous buffet. The dressing would play an important role. You and guests can dress up just like their favourite actors and actresses in gowns, suits and tuxedos.

  • Casino

Casino theme is one of the most loved themes. There are thrill and excitement, and people are intrigued by the casino concept. For a casino theme, all you need is extravagant ambience along with a casino table. The guests would love to try their luck at games. Arrange for some vintage wines and sumptuous food that complements your theme.

  • Paris

Paris is one of the most loved cities of Europe, and almost everyone has a fantasy to visit the city of love. So why not choose a Parisian theme for your celebration. The French food, French wine and Parisian ambience is a must. If you wish to push the envelope further, you can arrange for artificial snow and a replica of Eiffel tower to completely soak in the Parisian vibe.

  • Retro

Retro is yet another common, yet much loved themes of all times. From costume to theme parties, Retro has been a huge hit! All you need for a Retro Party is some dramatic make-up and hairdos along with floral, polka dot and bell bottom outfits. Don’t forget to arrange for some foot tapping music of good old 70’s.

  • Theatre

The theatre theme is little simple than other themes. It is more about the ambience and surroundings than outfits or food. The theatre theme needs to have a quintessential screening of some great movie along with a cosy seating arrangement which replicates with that of a theatre.

  • Carnival

The carnival theme is an exuberant and happening theme. The carnival theme will make your party a fun-filled and lively affair. All you need is some foot tapping music, colourful,vibrant clothes and delicious snacks. The decor can be made colourful with the help of flowers, ribbons and balloons.

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