Jonathan is a well-known name in the field of climate, energy, and the environment. In fact after completing education from Harvard University, he thought of coming in to the profession that deals of global warming climatic changes and ecological balance.

Jonathan has worked at Lenfest Center for Sustainable Energy as Executive Director. He then joined as a partner at Hudson Strategic Energy Advisors. Post this he has been designated as Executive Director in RGGI, Inc. His experience and skill helped him to reach the new heights of success. He went to become the Deputy Commissioner for Energy at Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. He also performed as Executive Board Member of Northeast Clean Heat and Power Initiative (NECHPI).  In addition to all these designations, he worked at New York University School of Law as Senior Fellow in Energy, at Environmental Defense Fund he has worked as Senior Director, Clean Energy. As of now he is working as Deputy Administrator at Rhode Island Division of Public Utilities and Carriers.

Jonathan Schrag has vast experience in the following fields:

  • Energy Policy
  • Climate Change
  • Policy Analysis
  • Project finance
  • Energy Conservation
  • Climate Change
  • Public Policy
  • Strategic Planning
  • Smart Grid

He also knows about stakeholder engagement, program management, policy cleantech, environmental awareness, energy, clean technology, sustainable development, environmental policy and sustainability.

Jonathan states that global warming is one of the most severe threats to the environment in history. The environmental community accurately distinguishes global warming as one of the serious threats to the earth. Global temperatures are at present more than they have ever been in the past era, and the increase is quickening even quicker than scientists had forecasted. The predictable consequences include upsurge in extreme weather, coastal flooding, spreading disease, and mass deaths. It is high time that an effective strategy or framework must be developed to decrease the global warming as soon as possible or else the consequences can certainly be bad. People must consider measures that would help the environment to stay green and clean to suit the future generation.

Jonathan further added that it is the duty of people to spread consciousness among people by teaching them about global warming and its reasons and effects. Notify them in what way they can save energy that will be worthy for the environment. One can create programs and gather chances that will help to disclose information among relatives, neighbors, and friends.

Jonathan Schrag is intensely concerned for the future of the earth and this is the reason he has dedicated his entire life for the comfort and welfare of the environment and people. His vast experience in environment conservation, climate change and renewal energy is simply outstanding.

Global warming is a problem that requires fast action. Both plants and animals are mostly influenced by the global warming. Even though numerous changes that take place in the planet are entirely not in control of individuals, but still there are certain things that can be carried out to take care of this grave situation.