Marriage is a very essential and special part of our life. It brings lots of changes and happiness in life. It is a lifelong commitment which restrains self indulgence, self-centeredness and self- gratification. It ties two persons in a knot who promise to spend their life together forever and work on strengthening their relation. It involves some functions which are performed socially and legally. Marriage is meant for a good purpose in society. Book full wedding puja online and make your wedding worth remembering.

Every single person is much excited to unravel the special day of their life. It is like a turning point in someone’s life. Book full wedding puja online and make your burden less. If you think of hiring some pandit from any organization or something they will definitely charge you more and then you will have to arrange your own puja samagri.

By performing those rituals you get one more step closer to your destination. It brings lots of positivity in your life. It is like an enlightening source of your life. Book full wedding puja online and save your lots of money and precious life.

The wedding puja session in Hindu marriage differs from state to state. But the core logic involved in it will somehow be the same for all marriages.

Wedding Puja Online

Major rituals of the Hindu wedding:

  • The wedding puja
  • Then comes the agni puja
  • Knyadaan- It means giving away the bride in the hands of groom
  • The mangal sutra ceremony- Tying the holy necklace
  • Taking the seven rounds of the holy fire
  • Bride stepping on the stone known as Shilarohan
  • Then the pandit chants the holy mantra in Sanskrit and gradually followed by prayers and blessing for the couple.

The wedding puja of every religion differs a lot in some way or the other.

Its importance in society and our life:

Marriage has the capability of making an incomplete human being a complete and a happy person. It helps taking you out of very hectic and clumsy life. It helps you maintaining an organized environment and makes everything quite systematic. You will also find a partner on whose shoulder you can lean on and share all your worries and tensions. In short we can say marriage arranges and settles a person completely and helps leading a peaceful life. You could get numerous help from pandit for online wedding puja at a reasonable rate.

Ceremony performed by pandit for wedding puja will cost you around twenty-one thousand including all essential puja samagri. After booking this package you will definitely not need to buy anything on your own. If you have all the essential products the wedding puja ceremony will be performed quite successfully.

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