Many people state that catching fish is very hard during cold weather over the summer months. If the water body is small, there are problems for you to catch fish. However, though the proposition seems to be difficult, it is not impossible. Fishing in cold weather has its own charm and excitement. With the aid of simple cold weather fishing tips, you effectively are able to catch fish no matter how hard it is for you.

Simple and practical tips to catch fish during the winter months

Anouk Govil is 19 years old and a student of Biology of California State University in Channel Islands. She enjoys fishing, kayaking and surfing. During the weekends, she likes to sing at open mic nights. When it comes to fishing in cold water, she says that in the winter months, it is important for you to know where the fish is located in the river bed. In the summer months, you will find that the fish swim around the river- bed. Mostly in the cold months, fish congregate in the deepest ends of the water. One of the biggest mistakes that fishermen make when they are looking for fish during the winter months is to search for them across the river. When you are looking for fish in the winter months, it is important for you to find the fish in the deepest end of the pools.

Always keep your hands, head and body warm

She says that there is another important but valuable tip when you are looking for fishes during the winter season. You should always keep your hands warm. It is important for you to buy a good pair of fishing gloves and ensure that you are warm. At the same time, you should keep your whole body warm by wearing a cap and good quality winter clothes. She adds that almost 90% of your body warmth escapes from your head during the winter months.

Keep in mind that fishes are cold-blooded species and their metabolism slows down

The size of the bait you use is important when it comes to fishing during the winter months. Due to the cold winter months, the fish being cold-blooded animals have a slow metabolism. They do not feed as often as they do in the summer months. It is here you should act and downsize your bait. Like for instance instead of using a full worm, it is important for you to use only half an inch of the worm for the bait. The fish will be attracted and they will come up to take it. This is a tip that most people are unaware of she says.

Anouk Govil says that when you are fishing in the winter months, it is important for you to keep the above practical tips in mind. They are simple and very easy to remember. With the aid of them you can effectively experience more success and fishing during the winter months will be comfortable for you too!