One of the most common sign of being pregnant is missing your period. Mostly women who miss their menstruation for a month can determine whether they are pregnant or not through pregnancy tests. The pregnancy test are physiological test that are done to determine if the woman is pregnant or not and this can be done either at home or at medical centres. These tests are a confirmation of your journey to motherhood and hence should be considered critical.

Here is the detailed information about both the kinds of test:-

Home test

Since the advancement in field of medicine, new tools and technologies have come into existence that has helped determining physical conditions in the most accurate manner. One such revelation in this field is the home based pregnancy test. In this stick with the help of a stick you can know if you are pregnant or not. The stick

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How to use it?

These home based pregnancy kits are available easily in drug stores. This usually contains a stick and a dropper. Women who wants to confirm their pregnancy needs to pee in a cup and then with the help of a dropper drop two to three drops of urine on the stick and wait for a minute. If in the indicator window you see two parallel lines appear, and then it’s confirmed, you are pregnant and if only one line appears then the test are negative. The accuracy of these tests is approximately 90%.  Hence, you should try atleast two to three sticks from different manufacturers to confirm results and if you really want a doctor to confirm then its better you get a test done at a clinic.

Clinic Test

Types of pregnancy tests at home are not 100% accurate; therefore, many women are more inclined towards getting a pregnancy test done at a medical centre or pathological lab. Since these tests are performed by certified doctors and pathologists, hence the accuracy of these results is 100%. Usually to determine pregnancy, you would have to give sample of your blood to the doctors and by conducting tests; the reports can prove whether or not you are pregnant.

Urine tests

Pregnancy tests done through urine can accurately confirm your pregnancy. All you need to do is give a sample of your urine in a lab and by performing series of tests; the doctors can confirm your pregnancy.

All the types of pregnancy tests at doctors or at home are done to determine the levels of HCG hormone or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone. If the tests prove that the level of this hormone is way above the expected levels, then it is confirmed that you are pregnant and you can start planning to welcome a new member in the family. These hormones are produced excessively by placenta during pregnancy. There is an option of online pregnancy test as well where you can answer few questions and depending on your answers, the computer would confirm. But they are definitely not accurate. So, it is always advisable to use above mentioned tests to confirm.