The wedding trends are changing, so as the costume designs. From the plain white shirt to the luxurious embroidered Sherwanis, the apparel of the bridegrooms has also changed. The latest trend tends to wear the same color Sherwani that matches to the Lehenga of the bride. The couple in similar outfit would mesmerize the crowd and will never leave any eyes unobserved. Yes, the weddings are becoming more stylish and you can even buy sherwani online. In such a wedding season, here are some very cool Sherwani models that you have to be familiar with

  1. Indo-Western Sherwani for the modern Groom

Western styles are all time favorites of Indian bridegrooms. But when it does not match up with the designer wear of your bride, try Indo-Western Sherwanis. They are the perfect blend of western style with the authentic Indian touch. The design resembles the perfect fit western wear and the materials resemble the most traditional Indian styles. They look simple but will pull the crowd for sure. Their perfection will certainly add charm to your masculine beauty.

  1. Achkan Sherwani to match up with the bride

Available in all major brands Achkan Sherwani has stoned its place in the wedding industry. With the very simple and attractive design of the top part, it can be mixed and matched with chuddis or churidars to see its full glory. It will look perfect if the bride is wearing a Saree or a gown. The perfectly crafted necks and the curved endings on the lower part will make them look majestic, always. When Achkan Sherwani is used with a royal shoe and a shawl, the groom will be the king, in looks and in the attitude!

  1. Printed Modern Sherwani for the comfort seekers

If you are the one who loves beautiful prints embedded on soft and colorful clothes, these Sherwanis are for you. Available in all price ranges, they have the competence to make you feel comfortable. With their optimal weight and soft prints, they can make you feel cozy without the irritations of heavy wedding attire. You will get a very wide choice of colors and the design can be chosen according to the attire of the bride.

  1. Pakistani Sherwani for the tallest ones

Another trending and stylish Sherwani is on the market! Yes, Pakistani Sherwanis have already branded as the stylish ones in the market. With their grand embroidery and lengthy design, they can be used by any grooms who love them. They will look more than ordinary and the designs will just blend with the festive season. Those who love to go a bit heavier with design can certainly go for them without worries. They will look amazing with a bride on Lehenga.

  1. Jodhpuri Sherwani for the designers who loves colors

Jodhpuri Sherwanis are the classic Sherwanis available in the market. The royal look of the Jodhpuri Sherwani is due to the medium length design and classic embroidery. Rather than heavy stone and silk works, they stand out with the archetypal looks and the simple design. The thread works are so attractive and simple at the same time. When blended with flared bottom, they are way too far than other Sherwanis available in the market. These Sherwanis are the best to be used in pot wedding functions also.

In a nutshell,

There are a lot of choices in Sherwanis for grooms. Unlike the olden times, the costume varieties of grooms have developed a lot; especially in the case of Sherwanis. They can make the groom look elegant and smart. Buying Sherwani for groom is never a challenge!