Time Clock Wizard has been known well to track the time of your work, especially the work based on amount of the time you put into the project. The ease of working in a flexible platform based on time is that you can choose when you want to clock in and clock out, as long as you fulfill the time requirement and meet the deadline. Using the Time Clock Wizard you can benefit so much from the features, such as:


Photo Capture. Because you are not in the same compound with your colleagues, it is important to avoid any possible attempt of system manipulation. The feature of Photo Capture encourages your employees to submit a photograph of them with the clock when they clock in and clock out from work. The second important feature in Time Clock Wizard is Clockguard. Clockguard means to directly notify the manager when the employees start working and finish working. There will be email or text message sent to the designated addressee when the employee does clock in and clock out. This is very useful in the term of disciplinary aspect in workplace to avoid employee starting work later and finishing work earlier.

Next feature which is also important for the time management application is Clockpoint. Pretty much like Clockguard, Clockpoint can show you the location of the employees when they clock in and clock out. This can help you to kno exactly the location of you employees when they start and finish task. This important feature combines the phone’s GPS and IP recognition. The fouth main feature we will discuss again is Locations. There are many businesses which are run from different places like Factory, Warehouse, Office, and Chapters. To ease the specification of work, click the location you are working is before you tap the clock in and start the work. The last but not the least, number five. The Time Clock Wizard has the customize specification for you to modify the lay out as your preference. The idea that business recognition is very important makes Time Clock Wizard gives you chance to customize the layout as you prefer.