A friend of mine decided to buy a penthouse after she moved to Mumbai, to begin with her new work life. She was tired of the standard homes and so she considered investing in a contemporary accommodation option. So, before relocating to Mumbai, she decided to take a penthouse and enjoy a perfect affluent lifestyle. If you are also dreaming of buying a penthouse in Bangalore then go for it now. Three things, which played an important role for my friend while deciding on the penthouse, were as follows:

  • Rapidly increasing net-worth
  • The desire of living an affluent lifestyle
  • Enhanced inspirations

Not just my friend, but the idea of living in a penthouse has ideally increased a huge number of homebuyers as well. To be precise, if you are really looking forward to investing in a home with ultra-modern specifications and a different infrastructure unlike the standard accommodation, then book a penthouse today.

What is a Penthouse Accommodation?

Penthouse falls in the segment of luxury accommodations. Regardless of the slow-paced Indian economy, there has been a demand for such housing options and is expected to have a constant growth in India. A penthouse accommodation defines the uppermost floor of an apartment, which is archetypally separated from the adjoining apartments based on the additional luxury features. The best thing about such houses is they do not occupy the entire roof area and you will find them often positioned in the multi-storey buildings.

Penthouse accommodations are constructed to deal with the growing demand of the modern urban living. Such houses come with avant-garde luxuries serving as a perfect status symbol for the individuals.

Buy penthouse in Bangalore

How much will a Penthouse Cost?

The price usually varies considerably depending on city’s location. The concept of such houses with ultra-modern apartment facilities has allured a huge number of homebuyers and there has been a significant difference in the rates. To be precise, the cost varies depending on the high-end facilities and services of the penthouse as well.

Earlier the price of such premium homes was dependent on the shortage of residential places and lands in the metropolitan cities. However, things are now under control and the prices have come down as well.

What is the Resale Value?

After buying a penthouse in Bangalore if you plan to resell it after ten years then make sure you know about the process properly. Usually, the resale value of such accommodation option is calculated based on the property’s age and condition, locality and the current market price.

As per statistics, the current rates are within the flexible limits of the middle-class people and considering a 12% price hike, the penthouse accommodation may offer a profitable resale value to the homeowners. To be precise, if not to earn a profit, in the future, homeowners will have the possibility to sell their penthouses at a value, almost equal to the original purchase price.

Having a penthouse as your primary place of dwelling is a statement of affluence and class. So, when will you buy a penthouse in Bangalore?