As we all know that steroids are artificial chemicals which act like our hormones by increasing or decreasing its functions on the body and this manipulation is done to achieve the fab body that you want to achieve. There are dianabol and anadrol which are best oral steroids that are available in the market today. There are others such as halotestin which gives a rapid gain in strength but the flip side is that it is quite toxic compared to others.

The method employed while consuming these oral steroids which keeping the toxic effects in the mind is by using them for a shorter duration of time and let your liver normalise by giving a break to your body after every steroid cycle. For the body to resume functioning as before and that the body does not get addicted to the steroids. Hence the next round of usage will be as effective as the first time around.

Oral steroids have shorter half life compared to the injectables found of the same steroids. Hence they may have to be taken more, that is more doses per day more in the quantative level as compared to the injectables. Oral steroids are the best cycles for lean mass gains.

After effects of oral steroids

The decrease in the immunity which the person who consumes oral steroids is at the risk of many infections because steroids suppress the immunity for it to work on the body and give the desired results.

It has caused for thinning of bones and they are more susceptible to break or fracture.

A sudden stoppage in the use of steroids without tapering the dosage and then getting off the cycle can result in an unhealthy weight gain.

There would be a considerable increase in the blood pressure and those who are already having heart problems are advised against in taking steroids which may increase the risk of strokes. To gain muscle mass, the diet would be calorie rich food which may increase the blood sugar level, hence it is advised that people with diabetes avoid the usage of steroids as it would be difficult for them to control their sugar levels.

Skin problems may manifest such as acne, thinning of the skin, or prone to bruising with slight contact.

Muscle weakness may set in with sudden stoppage of steroids as they aren’t supposed to be taken continuously, as steroid was providing the muscle strength all the while and without it the body isn’t able to take up the function.

The use of steroids is said to give mood swings and anger issues or depressions, anxiety, fear etc. Hence it is better when such symptoms are observed a medical practitioner is consulted and further usage should also be stopped for preventive reasons as these steroids effect the neurotransmitters in the brain and definitely cause disturbances in the behaviour.

There is also a chance of developing cataracts in certain cases.

There are chances of duodenal and stomach ulcers which are caused due to the toxins released when passing through the digestive system. The clash with enzymes released during digestion and chemicals in oral steroids cause for such ulcers.