When Apple first started iPhones, one of the things that they used to capture the attention of users was the form factor. The customers fell in love with how the phone was built into a very compact 4 inches body which could fit into the palm, nestle gently beside the ear during a phone call and even look cute when it is stored away in the pocket.

After that, Apple started to revamp its design, and soon we saw bigger and bigger iPhones until we had completely forgotten what the smaller iPhone felt like. People started craving for the traditional form factor. At first, Apple ignored them but then it came around and gave us all the iPhone SE: the specs of 2015, wrapped in a 2008 body.

But then, the question arose: Would Apple spin a new line for this model and release another one in the year 2017?

Quite frankly, the management of Apple themselves would have debated this within themselves due to the kind of success that they were able to record the last time. But we have to consider some things here before we guess whether or not we are due for another iPhone SE release next year.

For one, it is doubtful that Apple would want to go back to a form factor that they have obviously decided against, as continuing with this line would mean that they are encouraging the customers further. If we don’t get this form factor anymore, we would be forced to embrace the bigger 4.7 inches and 5.5-inch models, which are more profitable to Apple.

Again, it is known within and without the offices of Apple that the iPhone SE proved to be much of a bigger hit than Apple had even anticipated and the demand for this unit surprised even the sales department. Given the amount of time and energy that they put into the creation and marketing of new flagships every year, it would be detrimental to the sales of the subsequent new models if there were an iPhone SE unit to steal all the demand. To put it in a few honest words, an iPhone SE update would be like Apple shooting themselves in the foot for their flagship models.

iPhone SE update

Looking at it from another point of view, Apple is under mounting pressure to make sure that they record higher volumes of sales and bring in more revenues year in year out. To meet their own predictions, they might have to go unconventional sometimes, and that might mean that we would again see upgrades to the iPhone SE models. Because when it comes to sales figure, it doesn’t matter how you’re achieving it, as long as you’re getting them!

Even if this would happen and the decision would come to stay, we cannot expect always to see the SE upgraded as frequently as those in the normal number series due to various factors that have to be put into consideration, one of the most important being the supply of components and units to be used.

In all, it looks unlikely that Apple would dedicate very much of its manufacturing power just to see another 4-inch form of the iPhone in the market. It is equally likely that market demand will rule again and we get another of these in the year 2017. As they say, only time will tell.